Oakland Unified School District Teacher Scholars (2017-18)

Bret Harte Middle School

Bret Harte's electives teachers are working together to examine how culture and identity relate to safety and access for their students. Teachers are collaborating across grades and disciplines to build a culture of inclusion and exploration in their content and as a site.

Life Academy of Health and Bioscience

Every teacher at Life Academy is using inquiry to better understand how to foster independence in their students. Departments are working across grades 6-12 to explore current practices to investigate how to best scaffold and release content in their classrooms.

Lincoln Elementary School

The teachers at Lincoln are using collaborative inquiry to learn more about how their students are acquiring academic language and to explore how they can build students’ socio-emotional skills in ways that support their language development.

Oakland Technical High School

Tech's 9th-grade team is a cross-disciplinary group using collaborative inquiry to promote learning across and within departments. Their focus is on cultivating academic identity, increasing family engagement, and ensuring that all students are on track to achieve.

OUSD Computer Science Group

The Computer Science teacher scholars are developing a shared understanding of what indicates student success in Computer Science within and across grade-levels, especially in the areas of problem-solving and technical writing.

OUSD Newcomers Group

The Newcomers Group includes both newcomer-only teachers and mainstream teachers with newcomers in their classes. The group focuses on how best to use GLAD strategies to improve teaching to meet the particular needs of newcomer students.

OUSD Professional Learning Team

With this group comprised of district leaders, Mills Teacher Scholars is supporting the Executive Director of Professional Learning to build a robust inquiry community for leaders and designers of adult learning as a method to improve the school-based professional learning community (PLC) work across Oakland Unified.

OUSD Social Emotional Learning Group

The Social Emotional Learning Group is in their fourth year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars and are continuing to investigate the intersection between academic learning and social emotional learning. Through their inquiry work, these K-5 teachers leaders from five Oakland schools are developing their capacity and confidence to support both student and teacher learning at their own school sites.