Oakland Technical High School

Oakland Technical High School

Teacher Scholars

Glen Augustine, Anne Calef, Portia Carryer, Matt Colley, Josue Diaz, Sierra Donaldson, Jessica Fagen, Sierra Flynn, Rick Frey, Kevin Ji, Johanna Langill, Martel Price, Nick Rey, Brenda Rivera, Kathryn Ruggiero, Rosa (Rho) Seidelman, Amy Talley, Mike Taylor, Seth Zimmerman

Department Heads

Josue Diaz, Martel Price

Teacher Leaders

Glen Augustine, Nick Rey, Seth Zimmerman

School Focus

Oakland Technical High School’s 9th-grade team is in its second year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars, using teacher-led collaborative inquiry in a cross-disciplinary group to promote learning across and within departments. Teacher Scholars’ focus is on cultivating academic identity, increasing family engagement, and ensuring that all students are on track to achieve.