Leadership Coaching

Oftentimes leaders begin their culture change work with a series of thought partner and design sessions with us. This allows leaders to set the tone for learning in their district and school.

Not only will these sessions support leaders’ visioning and planning, but leaders will also receive coaching on the key mindset and practices that build a learning culture for adults. We support leaders to create the conditions for adult learning that help them to better support effective leadership, high-quality adult learning, and improved student learning.

We work with principals, chief academic officers, superintendents, directors of district departments, non-profits and anyone who is delivering adult learning.

1:1 or 1:2 coaching sessions

Enroll in Leadership Coaching today.  Email info-leadbylearning@northeastern.edu.

Our leadership coaching has been INVALUABLE to our Inquiry leadership team. The consistent and supportive modeling and guidance has done so much to instill confidence in our teacher leaders and myself to sustain this very important work. I HIGHLY recommend it!
– John, Principal in San Lorenzo Unified School District


I have deeply valued the coaching opportunities. I have felt supported with a safe space to receive feedback and do deep thinking with a supportive and challenging listener. It has been very rewarding and refreshing. – Lead by Learning partner