The Lead by Learning Certificate Program

The Lead by Learning Certificate Program is available as a program add-on for educators who participate in our District, Education Service Agency, and School partnerships. The program guides learners through three modules plus a Module 0, which launches educators’ learning journeys with a single journal prompt designed to deepen self-awareness.
  • Module 0: Reflecting on Self
  • Module 1: Clarifying Purpose
  • Module 2: Refining Practices
  • Module 3: Understanding Impact
Each module includes a framing overview video and includes two 1-hour Connects. Connects are learning spaces where participants can access thought partnership across the Lead by Learning network. Modules are published throughout the year with completion deadlines. Participants access learning experiences and content through our online learning management system and use this system to turn in the program’s required reflections. The program also includes an asynchronous discussion space where learners can start and respond to discussion topics.
  • Values multiple perspectives and seeks thought partnerships
  • Deeply listens with empathy and care, looking first for assets/connections
  • Builds relationships that cultivate a culture of professional respect, trust, agency, and distributed leadership
  • Supports rigorous learning steeped in SEL
  • Publicly models a learning stance (curiosity, vulnerability, trust, flexibility, adaptability)
  • Uses data to uncover the learner’s experience
  • Adapts and improves by deepening self-awareness
  • Leads collaborative learning by experiencing and reflecting on conditions that supported their own learning (SEL, Quality of Interaction)
  • Puts students at the center of learning by identifying and returning to high leverage goals that target students’ needs
  • Communicates purpose and progress in humanizing, authentic ways to build awareness and support continuous improvement
  • Creates space to move beyond transactional compliance to curiosity and collective efficacy
  • Is driven by a moral imperative