The Life Academy High School

Life Academy Teacher Scholars Group

The Life Academy of Health and Bioscience

Teacher Scholars

Michael Aponte, Richard Boettner, Carlos A Cabana, Christi Grossman, Caitlin Christensen, Angelica-Mae Corral, Ricardo Cruz, Aaron Darden, Rowan Driscoll, David Gardner, Shelley Goulder, Matthew Hayes, Marc Hua, William Juang, Lisa Kelly, Adriana Lores, Yumi Matsui, Elena McDonald-Martyn, Yuji Okamura, Eva Oliver, Jessica Oya, Isabel Pelayo, Julie Pham, Sarah Pipping, Nina Portugal, Kateri Simpson, Annie Tickell, Đào Nhur Toai,  JanetVasquez, Hillary Walker


Aryn E. Bowman

Teacher Leaders

Carlos A Cabana, Rowan Driscoll, Isabel Pelayo, Sarah Pipping, Hillary Walker

School Focus

The Life Academy High School is in its third year of partnership. Every teacher at Life is using inquiry to better understand how to foster independence in their students. Departments are working across grades 6-12 to explore current practices to investigate how to best scaffold and release content in their classrooms.