Social Emotional Learning Group

OUSD Social Emotional Learning Teacher Scholars Group

Social Emotional Learning Group

Teacher Scholars

Brennan Agajan, Sally Barry, Sarah Bin, Celia Bermeo, Nicholas Easter, John Farrar, Anna Forward, Melissa Gonzalez, Brooke Guiney, Victoria Gurrola, Whitney Morrow, Ruanna Owens, Deidre Robinson, Meg Shaughnessy, Julia Smit, Malia Tayabas-Kim, Elieen Walker, Vanessa Valenzuela, Susannah Young, Sally Stosich


Sonny Kim

Teacher Leaders

Melissa Gonzalez, Ruanna Owens

School Focus

Social Emotional Learning Group is in their fourth year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars and are continuing to investigate the intersection between academic learning and Social and Emotional Learning. Through their inquiry work, these K-5 teachers leaders from five Oakland schools are developing their capacity and confidence to support both student and teacher learning at their own school sites.