Sustaining Through Teacher Leadership Phase

The sustaining phase focuses on continued support for teacher leaders to plan their school site inquiry sessions and guide their colleagues’ learning.

Sustaining Phase: Outcomes

  • Effective teacher-led collaboration
  • Enhanced instructional leadership capacity
  • Continuous use of data to support instructional shifts
  • Sustained culture of mutual accountability with a focus on student learning aligned with district and state standards

Sustaining Phase: Services

  • Provide feedback on monthly sessions in Year 1 of sustaining. Years 2 and beyond Mills Teacher Scholars staff attends quarterly sessions and provides feedback
  • Develop monthly templates for inquiry session planning supoprt
  • Engage teacher scholar leaders in three, four-hour Teacher Leader Network sessions to develop adult coaching skills
  • Assess progress and refine approach through quarterly principal and teacher leader meetings
  • Support teacher leaders to present their work publicly

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