Coherence Happens Through Purposeful Goals

September 26, 2019

Coherence is a new favored word in the pursuit of educational improvement. Coherence is an elusive term. However, much more concrete, and assumed in “coherence,” is the notion of working towards purposeful goals. It is widely...

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Learning to Advocate: Supporting Teachers of Newcomers

September 26, 2019 | Emily Rasmussen

When I came to Reach Academy as the Instructional Leader in 2015, I was incredibly concerned by the reclassification rate of English Language Learners to English Proficient students. I spent my first year as instructional leader building capacity, ownership and...

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Listen to Teach, Partner to Learn

August 21, 2019

Don Refuses to Read December rolled around and the day of the writing celebration finally came. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and godmothers came to our second-grade classroom to hear their children read their writing. As I walked around the...


Making Progress Visible

June 14, 2019

Understanding student progress is more complex than viewing a dashboard or studying bar graphs of test scores. There are subtle but important factors that are foundational to student well-being and to student learning that require a more nuanced...


Creating Tools to Monitor Small Groups in Reading Workshop

June 10, 2019 | Jessie Welcomer

I teach 5th grade literacy at Montalvin Manor in West Contra Costa. My school’s inquiry focus was intervention this year. I chose to think about reading intervention specifically and using different strategies in small groups to support students.


Celebrating Ten Years of Commitment to Learning and Equity

April 29, 2019

On April 18th, in honor of our tenth year of building adult learning cultures in service of student learning, we brought together educational leaders, researchers, funders and Mills colleagues for a 10th Anniversary celebration. Our inspiring British Columbia...

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Valuing Process over Answers

April 29, 2019 | Malia Tayabas-Kim

My inquiry focus is centered around math partnerships during math workshop. My learning goal is that students will be able to engage in productive math partnerships where they help each other make sense of the problems by explaining...

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

April 3, 2019 | Tonie Mitchell

This whole year of inquiry was sometimes frustrating and I even resented it at times, but the results led to feelings of success among my students and me.  While I can’t say that each student transformed into an...