Collaborative & Continuous Learning

There is broad agreement in the teacher learning research that students are impacted at the highest rates when teacher learning occurs over time. Our multi-year partnerships engage teachers and leaders in collaborative learning throughout the year with the goal of sustainability.


Many schools and districts have the structures for professional learning embedded throughout their school year in staff meetings and professional learning communities. The challenge is to develop those structures into spaces that support ongoing learning for teachers and leaders. Lead by Learning has designed a trajectory for teacher learning that brings active, classroom-based learning around the site’s goals into these existing structures.


The complex work of teaching and leading cannot be done alone. Far too many teachers and leaders work in isolation. Lead by Learning is changing that by helping schools develop the conditions for adult collaborative learning that supports them to deepen their understanding of how students are learning and to clarify their learning goals for students. Additionally, in 21st century learning, teachers are expected to facilitate collaborative learning in their classrooms, yet often they do not have the opportunity to engage in powerful collaborative learning themselves. Lead by Learning builds community to support learners.

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