Lincoln Elementary

A group of teachers standing in a classroom

Lincoln Elementary (2018-19)

Teacher Scholars

Carla Aiello, Kate Carlin, Jamie Chau, Kitty Chen, May Chiu, Gesine Cotteral, John Farrar, Stacy Fat, Robert Fong, Jacob Fowler, Lily Gee, Jan Grieg-Donnelly, Brooke Guiney, Claudia Hung-Haas, Nicole Kusper, Stella Kwong, Lusa Lai, Jenn Le, John Lee, Mia Lobaco, Eileen Lok, Josef Moreno, Maria Motonaga, Brent Muha, Deborah Nelson, Nai Saechao, Jeannine Thomas, Patrick Wang, Betty Yee, Susannah Young, Jenn Le


Ivanna Huthman

Vice Principal

Sharon Travers

Teacher Leaders

Brooke Guiney, Susannah Young

School Focus

In its second year of partnership, teachers are using inquiry to support one another to learn and to help students communicate clearly and effectively across content areas.