Meet the Scholars 2018-2019

Berkeley Unified School District (2018-19)

Our 25 BUSD cross-site teacher scholars are reaching over 3,900 students in early childhood through 12th grade. The Berkeley Unified Music Department and Berkeley Unified Early Childhood Groups are using inquiry to better understand how to meet the needs of their students and adult learners district-wide.

Oakland Unified School District (2018-19)

Our OUSD partner sites have a combined reach of more than 25,000 students in grades TK-12. Through teacher-led collaborative inquiry, the more than 140 teacher scholars at Life Academy of Health and Bioscience, Lincoln Elementary, Rudsdale High School/Rudsdale Continuation/Sojourner Truth Independent Study, Roots Academy, and the cross-district Newcomers Group, Computer Science Group, Social Emotional Learning Group, and Expanded Learning are building powerful collaborative communities that effect positive change in both teacher and student learning.

San Lorenzo Unified School District (2018-19)

Neighboring schools Colonial Acres Elementary and Lorenzo Manor Elementary serve 1,298 students in grades TK-5. The 65 teacher scholars across these two sites are deepening their understanding of how to maximize learning for their predominantly English Language Learner population.

Cross-Site District Partnerships (2018-19)

Teacher scholars in our cross-district groups benefit from the unique opportunity to learn deeply with colleagues from schools across their districts. Each group shares a focus - whether a content area, demographic group, or pedagogical lens - that drives shared understanding of how to positively impact student learning.