Cross-Site District Partnerships

OUSD Network 2 Principals (2019-20)

In its first year of partnership, the OUSD Network 2 Principal Group is using inquiry to build their vision of their adult learning culture and to support the development of adult learning to serve their student learning priorities

OUSD Teachers of Newcomers (2019-20)

Sustaining — In its fifth year of partnership, Newcomers Group has transitioned into a sustaining model in which the department lead and teacher leaders facilitate the inquiry group with planning support from Mills Teacher Scholars. The Newcomers Group uses inquiry to design experiences that improve Newcomer student learning.

OUSD Teachers of Computer Science (2019-20)

Sustaining — In its fourth year of partnership, the Computer Science Group is developing a shared understanding of cross-grade student computer science success, deepening collaboration to achieve equitable outcomes for all students and foster the professional community within the department.

OUSD Social and Emotional Learning Group (2019-20)

In its seventh year of partnership, the Social Emotional Learning Group is a supported, structured space for the OUSD SEL Lead Learners to understand and refine their leadership of SEL integration at their school sites. The SEL Lead Learners engage in collaborative inquiry around routine, high-leverage classroom practices and serve as models at their sites of how to intentionally reflect on their effectiveness at integrating SEL into academic learning.

OUSD Expanded Learning Department (2019-20)

In its second year of partnership, district, site, and agency leaders are using collaborative inquiry to revise their Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process so that it authentically supports ongoing, data-based, site-driven program improvement to nurture the whole child across the school day.

BUSD Music Department (2019-20)

In its seventh year of partnership. Berkeley Unified School District is using collaborative inquiry to engage all students to successfully learn to play an instrument and to set goals that will lead them to develop their creative potential. The group is focused particularly on students of color and other historically underserved groups.