Berkeley Unified Music Department

Berkeley Unified Music Department (2019-20)

Teacher Scholars

Nancy Boyles, Roland Brown, Moises Chavez, Sarah Cline, Jan Davis, Mary Dougherty, Pete Gidlund, Olesia Gordynsky, Michael Hammond, JJ Hansen, Caroline Harrison, Shannon Houston, Carlotta Jacobs, Merlyn Katechis, Aimee Lubalin, Georgia Martin, Alison Sawyer, Steffanie Schaeffer, Karen Wells, Henry Viets


Peter Gidlund

Teacher Leaders

Aimee Lubalin, Georgia Martin, Alison Sawyer

School Focus

Berkeley Music Department In its seventh year of partnership. Berkeley Unified School District is using collaborative inquiry to engage all students to successfully learn to play an instrument and to set goals that will lead them to develop their creative potential. The group is focused particularly on students of color and other historically underserved groups.