OUSD Network 2 Principals

OUSD Network 2 Principals (2019-20)


Eleanor Alderman, Maite Barloga, Enomwoyi Booker, Jessica Cannon, Jared Crayton Thomas, Steven Daubenspeck, Beatriz Ferrer-Castro, Giselle Hendrie, Anita Iverson-Comelo, Amy Jones, Jocelyn Kelleher, Amie LaMontagne, Diane Lang, Maria McCormick, Heather Palin, Denise Saddler, Karen Schreiner, Cristina Segura, Juan Vaca, Bri Zika

Network 2 Leaders

Kathleen Arnold, Tamara Dukes


In its first year of partnership, the OUSD Network 2 Principal Group is using inquiry to build their vision of their adult learning culture and to support the development of adult learning to serve their student learning priorities.