Intensive Inquiry Phase

This phase is designed to develop teachers’ capacity to engage in effective adult learning teams and their ability to use data to understand student thinking.

Intensive Inquiry: Outcomes

  • Establishment of a safe and meaningful adult learning environment that lays the foundation for effective grade-level and vertical learning teams
  • Routine use of classroom data (student work data, video, audio) to gain clarity on students’ thinking
  • Enhanced understanding of what constitutes evidence of success in meeting learning objectives for students at different grade levels and in different content areas
  • Identification of instructional alignment needs as a result of sharing classroom video and student work data openly across grade levels
  • Improved standards-aligned instructional practices in response to what teachers learn through studying classroom data with cross-grade colleagues

Intensive Inquiry: Services

  • Plan and facilitate 9 monthly inquiry sessions
  • Deliver quarterly site-based or on-line individual coaching to teacher scholars
  • Introduce and utilize digital tools to support student data sharing and document inquiry
  • Provide quarterly data collection support for teacher scholars (includes video data and student work)
  • Meet monthly with teacher-leaders to collaborate on design of inquiry sessions and plan for supporting colleagues between sessions
  • Meet quarterly with principal to analyze results of collaboration
  • Engage teacher scholar leaders in three, four-hour Teacher Leader Network sessions to develop adult coaching skills
  • Synthesize teachers’ key understandings of students’ learning needs and teachers’ instructional shifts to improve practice in Summary of Progress in January and May

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