El Cerrito High School

El Cerrito High School

Site Leaders

Principal: Patricia Crespo

Assistant Principals: Nicholas Rey, Jacob Gran, Jay Eirin

Design Partners

Samantha Nguyn, Molly McGrath, Keith Johnson

School Focus

In its second year of partnership, the instructional leadership team and administration is using collaborative inquiry to develop their leadership, support their colleagues growth, and meet their student learning objective. Grounded in Public Learning, ILT members are supporting their colleagues to use evidence of student learning in order to reflect & grapple with creating more equitable experience for students. Departments are focusing their inquiry work on the student learning objective of listening, speaking and writing effectively using academic language and/or artistic expression. In order to disrupt predictive outcomes, El Cerrito High School is using the equity practice of focal students and focal populations to target their support on African American and Latino males.