Lorenzo Manor Elementary

Lorenzo Manor Elementary (2018-19)

Teacher Scholars

Laura Campbell, Charlotte Davis, Deja Escalera, Melissa Galletti, Jennie Gasmin, Sue Granzella, Wendy Green, Rachel Horne Hernandez, Cindy Huber, Gretchen LeBold, Cyndi Liang, Monita Ma, Justin McJilton, Laura Melvin, Tonie Mitchell, Celia Montes, Janet Morrison, Rosie Sandoval, Joyce Sterling, Gloria Stevens, Deanna Taylor, Elizabeth Tipping, Linda Tunner, Jennifer Vecchitto, Tammy Williams, Dawn Wilson, Ashley Thomsak, Zach Aguirre, John Shimko


John Shimko

Teacher Leaders

Deja Escalera, Jennie Gasmin, Justin McJilton, Ashley Thomsak

School Focus

In their third year of partnership, Lorenzo Manor teacher scholars are using inquiry to understand how to increase opportunities for students to express their voices through academic language across the content areas. Each teacher also shares an inquiry focus with one or more colleagues to foster a collective understanding of successful student learning.