OUSD Computer Science Group

OUSD Computer Science Group (2018-19)

Teacher Scholars

Dan Belsky, Sam Berg, Juli Bryant, Rick Frey, Alia Ghabra, Gerard Hargraves, Frederick HighbaughJr, Stevann Jones, Laura Kaneko, John Kirkland, Landon Miller, Vu Nguyen, Aatash Parikh, Chantel Parnell, Roderick Patterson, Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Sawczuk, Kennan Scott, William Short, Sonia Spindt, Donna Sykes, Jason Tong, Jessica Wan, Max Washburn, Thomas Wooding, Monica Yupa

Department Head

Sam Berg

Teacher Leaders

Sam Berg, Chantel Parnell, Kennan Scott, Sonia Spindt

School Focus

In its third year of partnership, OUSD’s Computer Science Department is developing a shared, cross-grade understanding of how to support student engagement for more equitable outcomes. They are engaging in collaborative inquiry rooted in design thinking to build their collective awareness in this area.