Montalvin Manor Elementary School

Montalvin Elementary Teacher Scholars Group

Montalvin Manor Elementary School (2017-18)

Teacher Scholars

Emlyn Berenguer, Maria Brown, Gary Collins, Richard Delaney, Erica Fisher, Maria Gonzalez, Erika Hix, Sandra Holloway, Susan King, Aaron Leonard, Beth Levine, Ana Maria Libunao, Patricia Lima, Stephanie Lucero, Shaundra Miller, Mary (Shelly) Moore, Bridget Mudd, Martinique Perry, Zsarleen Posadas, Ronald Serranzana, Laura Terry, Jessie Welcomer


Katherine Acosta-Verprauskus

Teacher Leaders

Maria Brown, Sandra Holloway, Beth Levine, Ana Maria Libunao

School Focus

Montalvin Manor Elementary School, in its second year of inquiry, is focusing on academic language instruction to support all students, especially their large English Learner population. They are working to create a collaborative and empowering learning space for teachers to reflect on their practice and grow professionally. They are also investigating how to expand their repertoire of data sources as they take an asset-based stance to understanding student learning.