MetWest High School

MetWest High School

Teacher Scholars

Serg Arroyo, Derek Boyd, Ann Brown, Shannon Carey, Mike Cellemme, Kate Dunn, Whitney Dwyer,
Malik Edwards, Wafa Faris, Sean Foster, Berta Guillen, Sara Heller, Kristi Holohan, Etang Inyang, Wendy Lichtman, Israel Mora, Nick Palmquist, Jake Puzycki, Jake Seltzer, Arash Shekarloo, Ana Villalobos


Michelle Deiro

Teacher Leaders

Shannon Carey, Whitney Dwyer, Jake Seltzer

School Focus

MetWest High School is in its first year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars. They are using collaborative inquiry to vertically align their learning objectives to best support student growth. Teachers are also deepening their professional community through a regular practice of utilizing student data to give and receive feedback, push each other’s thinking, and inform decisions about how to improve instruction.