Teacher Leader Network Spotlight


On August 29th, teachers and principals from across the Bay Area gathered at Mills College to collaboratively envision goals for the new school year. These leadership teams considered student learning needs alongside district initiatives in order to name goals that go beyond implementation, addressing purpose and understanding. 

“I really didn’t know what would happen in our visioning meeting,” reflected a principal, “and that feels exciting and edgy.” When principals and teachers work together to create goals, partnership and collective responsibility are born.

“I always love coming here,” said an OUSD teacher as she walked out at the end of the evening. “I leave feeling inspired, grounded, and purposeful.” 

The 2019-20 Teacher Leader Network is composed of 40 teacher leaders across 13 schools and 5 districts. They collectively support the learning of 317 teachers who in turn adapt their practice for the benefit of thousands of students