Transition to Teacher Leadership Phase

The transition phase focuses on development of the coaching and leadership skills of the teacher leaders that will grow and sustain the high quality collaboration that supports success for all students.

Transition Phase: Outcomes

  • Enhanced buy-in for school-wide instructional goals through sustained, collaborative inquiry
  • Personalized learning plans for participating teachers supported by both teacher leaders and Mills Teacher Scholars staff
  • Teacher leader teams that have skills and tools to move the school’s professional learning forward
  • Increased productivity of all collaborative spaces through the routine use of meaningful data and through conversations that result in teacher learning

Transition Phase: Services

  • Support facilitation of 9 monthly inquiry sessions with gradual release of responsibility to teacher leaders as appropriate
  • Collaborate with teacher leaders to help plan 9 monthly sessions
  • Provide monthly digital templates for inquiry session planning support
  • Engage teacher scholar leaders in three, four-hour Teacher Leader Network sessions to develop adult coaching skills
  • Assess progress and refine approach through quarterly principal and teacher leader meetings
  • Coach teacher leaders on how to present their work publicly

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