Montalvin Manor Elementary

Montalvin Manor Elementary (2020-21)

Teacher Scholars

Maria Brown, Tiana Dudley, Erica Fisher, Maria Gonzalez, Erika Hix, Renae Kekaula, Susan King, Aaron Leonard, Beth Levine, Ana Maria Libunao, Shaundra Miller, Mary (Shelly) Moore, Jacquelynn Nguyen, Martinique Perry, Margaret Pitts, Zsarleen Posadas, Youali Ramirez, Chris Roeske, Ronald Serranzana, Ethan Sorscher, Ariel Tagaloa Jr., Laura Terry, Jhon Valdes Klinger, Jessie Welcomer


Katherine Acosta-Verpraskus

Vice Principals

Michael Small

Teacher Leaders

Beth Levine, Martinique Perry, Ana Maria Libunao

School Focus

In its fifth year of partnership, Montalvin is using collaborative inquiry as a structure to support a site-wide teacher practice goal of using student-level data to inform targeted small-group instruction. They are also exploring how to build teacher leader capacity to integrate this work into all of their collaborative spaces.