El Cerrito High School

El Cerrito High School (2020-21)

Teacher Scholars

Diana Armijo, Susan Binder, Mahru Elahi, Theodore Grover, Patrick Jimenez, Keith Johnson, Gabriella Jraige, SoYoung Jun, Jessica Kronenberg, Molly McGrath, Monica Ng, Samantha Nguyen, Louise Ollano, Lawrence Pang, Jackeline Reyes, Tristan Simbulan, Bryan Smith


Patricia Crespo

Assistant Principals

Jay Eirvin, Jacob Gran, Nicholas Rey

Design Partners

Molly McGrath, Bryan Smith, Samantha Nguyen

School Focus

In its first year of partnership, the instructional leadership team and administration is using collaborative inquiry in order to build agency as leaders of adult learners and to support all adult learners at El Cerrito to use of evidence of student learning in order  to reflect and grapple with the ways grades and grading represent mastery and student understanding.