Tamalpais High School

Tamalpais High School

Teacher Scholars

Miriam Cook, Gray Douglass, Laura Erickson, Erin Gilbert, Angela Hopper, Kelly Kennedy, Arielle Lehmann, Mei-Ling Portugues-Brennan, Leah Ramsey, Alyssa Sandner, Michael Slattery, Amanda Spaht


J.C. Farr

Assistant Principals

Karin Hatton, Kaki McLachlan, Connor Snow

School Focus

In its first year of partnership, the administrative team and cohort of 12 Teacher Leaders from diverse sections of the school (Special Education, VAPA, CTE, World Language, English, History, Math, and Science) are using collaborative inquiry to support equity efforts and foster a greater sense of student belonging, voice, and agency at Tamalpais High School.