Lorenzo Manor Elementary

Lorenzo Manor Elementary (2019-20)

Teacher Scholars

Zach Aguirre, Rocio Aranda, Lori Campbell, Charlotte Davis, Deja Escalera, Corine Fanene, Melissa Galletti, Sue Granzella, Cindy Huber, Jenn Kohles-Ruiz, Gretchen LeBold, Cyndi Liang, Monita Ma, Justin McJilton, Laura Melvin, Toni Mitchell, Janet Morrison, Rosie Sandoval, John Shimko, Joyce Sterling, Gloria Stevens, Deanna Taylor, Ashley Thomsak, Libby Tipping, Linda Tunner, Jenn Vecchitto, Tammy Williams, Dawn Wilson


John Shimko

Teacher Leaders

Deja Escalera, Justin McJilton, Rosemarie Sandoval, Ashley Thomsak

School Focus

Sustaining — In its fourth year of partnership, teacher leaders are facilitating inquiry for two cohorts of their colleagues. One cohort is focused on increasing opportunities for students to express their understanding of number sense during Math Talks, and the second is calibrating their expectations and teaching practices around student voice in writing using the Lucy Calkins Units of Study.