Oakland Unified School District 2021-22

OUSD Expanded Learning Department

In its fourth year of partnership with the OUSD Expanded Learning Dept, district, site, and agency leaders are working together to identify clear, locally-defined quality standards and processes that nurture the whole child across the school day, emphasizing agency, connection, belonging, and liberation.

OUSD Library Lead Team

In its first year of partnership, the Library Lead Team members are working together to build an adult learning culture amongst Oakland Unified School District Library staff.

Rudsdale Continuation High School

In their fourth year of partnership, the Rudsdale Instructional Leadership Team is receiving 1:1 coaching and participating in the Lead by Learning Network to vision and plan for adult learning and collaboration at their site.

SEL Lead Learner Inquiry Group

In its ninth year of partnership, the SEL Lead Learner Inquiry Group is a supported, structured space for the OUSD SEL Lead Learners to understand and refine their leadership of school-wide SEL integration at their school sites.