Social Emotional Learning Department OUSD

Social Emotional Learning Department OUSD (2020-21)

Teacher Scholars

Jessica Baer, Allison Banister, Sabrina Causey, Pary Chuong, Perlita Contridas, MaryClaire Delgado, Allison Grill, Traci Grizzle, Denise Huffstutler, Jayme Kritzler, Carolyn Landheer, Demetra Mack, Erica K Macklin, Corigan Malloy, Jade Mathieu, Kaitlin McDaniel Keith, Nicholle Pierro, Deidre Robinson, Zoey Turek, Stephanie Vollmer, Michael Williams, Natalie Williford

Program Manager, Office of Social and Emotional Learning, Oakland Unified School District

Aija Simmons

Teacher Leaders

Natalie Williford, Allison Grill

School Focus

In its eighth year of partnership, the Social Emotional Learning Group is a supported, structured space for the OUSD SEL Lead Learners to understand and refine their leadership of SEL integration at their school sites. The SEL Lead Learners engage in collaborative inquiry around routine, high-leverage classroom practices and serve as models at their sites of how to intentionally reflect on their effectiveness at integrating SEL into academic learning.