OUSD Expanded Learning Quality Support Coaches

OUSD Expanded Learning Quality Support Coaches (2019-20)

Teacher Scholars

Angelique Alexander, Theodus Ambers, Jessica Baer, Martha Balasubramanian, Michelle Beal, Regina V. Brooks-Day, Marisa Brown, Janet Burgo, Lliama Castro, David Caven, Pary Chuong, Tim Delaney, John Farrar, Patrick Friedman, Jessica Funk, Jennifer Hayes, Tania Hughes, Joyce Hum, Jacqueline Hutton, Corinne Jong, Abdul-Haqq Khalifah, Melissa Kindschi, Morgan Kirschbaum, Sean Kohles, Rachel Korschon, Susanne Lynch, Erica K Macklin, Andrea Maoki, Kamisha McLean, Annika McPeek-Bechtold, Elizabeth Noone, Gilbert Parada, Anne Perrone, Samuel Petty, Enedina Sandoval, Edwina Smith, Michelle Stokes, Peter Tam, Billy Tang, Tonya Taylor, Joel Thompson, Ashley Wallace, Jessica Wan, Kimm Ward, Andrew West, Aleta Williams


Martha Pena, Coordinator; Chen Kong-Wick, Program Manager; Laila Jenkins-Perez, Program Manager; Priscilla Parchia, Program Manager

School Focus

In its second year of partnership, district, site, and agency leaders are using collaborative inquiry to revise their Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process so that it authentically supports ongoing, data-based, site-driven program improvement to nurture the whole child across the school day.