RISE Community School (’15-’16)


Ann Baxter, Sharolander Ellis, Kate Gallagher, Margaret Goldberg, Becca Goodin, Laurie Kayed, Andrea Palley, Erika Pollak, Jen Roldan DeMara, David Rosenthal, Quincey Smith, Nada Tenzeno, Terrilynn Van Rossum, Sondra Williams, Stephanie Kott.

School Focus

RISE Community School (Oakland Unified) is narrowing its Balanced Literacy focus– established in their previous year’s inquiry work– to explore the reading-writing connection. They are developing instructional practices to support students to use writing as a means to deepen their understanding of their reading, to attend more closely to texts, and to communicate their ideas about reading to others.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting students with daily literature response
  • Supporting students to prepare for book group discussions

Teacher Leaders

Andrea Ruiz

Laura Kayed