Melrose Leadership Academy (’15-’16)


Laura Alvarez, Emily Bean, Bryson Brown, Hilda Bucio, Gabriela Casal, Lara Ginsberg, Sarah Goldberg, Donald Green, Colin Hughes, Charity Johnston, Emily Juarez, Timothy Lee, Nessa Mahmoudi, Tim Marshall, Jessica Martinez, Karin Morris, Lee Ann Parker, Sybil Patten, Luz Salazar Jed, Amara Schoenberg, Vilma Serrano, Marisa Villegas

School Focus

At Melrose Leadership Academy (Oakland Unified)the inquiry group is facilitated by veteran teacher scholar leaders, Nessa Mahmoudi, Laura Alvarez, and Luz Salazar Jed. Their inquiry work is focused on supporting teachers to building a positive and aligned school culture that contributes to supporting students’ reading development. They are using their inquiry space to engage with the district’s new Teacher Growth and Development System.

Teacher Leaders

Nessa Mahmoudi

Luz Salazar Jed

Laura Alverez