Life Academy of Health and Biosciences (’15-’16)


Christi Carpenter, Shelly Golder, Matt Hayes, Yuji Okamura, Eva Oliver, Nina Portugal, Molly Porziz, Marguerite Sheffer, Samantha Solomon, Annie Tickell

School Focus

The Life Academy of Health and Bioscience Humanities Department (Oakland Unified) is using inquiry to improve how teachers serve long-term English Language Learners (ELLs) in grades 6-12. Life Academy received a Light Award to partner with Mills Teacher Scholars for this purpose.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting ELLs’ reading comprehension and use of evidence through annotation
  • Building grammar understanding so ELLs can transfer these skills in their writing
  • Using leveled questions to help ELLs analyze text in discussion and writing
  • Improving ELLs’ independent reading comprehension skills through SSR and the structures around it

Teacher Leaders

Christi Carpenter

Marguerite Scheffer