Early Childhood Special Education Group (’15-’16)


Cynthia Anderson, Kaitlyn Barron Shashok, Alison Burke, Andrew Carlson, Monica Del Rio, Azucena Gamez, Katherine Givler, Queen Igbinake, Caroline Jones, Jessica Kershner, Amanda Long, Alana Mcdonough, Kelly McGrath, Nnenna Okezie, Linda Phan, Laura Quesada, Arza Ralph, Sandra A Ratto, Kathryn Rohrer, Kate Rozzi, Bev Rubini, Melissa Schwab, Jessica White, Donna Wolfe, Jane Wo, Courtney Woolverton Martin

School Focus

The Early Childhood Special Education Department incorporates teachers from sites across Oakland Unified. The group is focused on understanding how to refine instructional practices to support students’ social communication.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting autistic preschool students to move through conflicts
  • Promoting student language use during play centers
  • Increasing students’ ability to initiate and sustain social interactions 

Teacher Leaders

Laura Quesada

Alana McDonough

Arza Ralph

Caroline Jones