Anna Yates Elementary School (’15-’16)


Denys Adida, Steve Beatty, Connie Bi, Emily Brunick, Cameron Clarke, Holly Coombs, Beverly Corpuz, Ingrid Eliasson, Leslie Epstein, Tiffany Johnson, Anjali Kamat, Anna Katibah, Mariena Kuoch, Celeste McAllister, Megan McLaughlin, Audry Miles, Kim Miller, Neelam Patil, Michelle Pescovitz, Evan Pippen, Camille Pires, Baljit Plaha, Leonardo Reynoso, Illona Rhodes, Anthony Rodgers, Sukinder Saini, Ashante Smith, Curtis Spiller, Karen Sukenic, Leslie Thornely, Laura Turner, Dawn Turner, Malcom Waugh, Tauheedah Wren

School Focus

Anna Yates is focusing on creating professional learning opportunities that include building teachers’ collaborative discourse and data analysis skills. They are using the inquiry space to build collegiality and share classroom practice.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Developing kindergarten students’ number sense through use of cooperative math games
  • Helping students use peer feedback to revise writing
  • Supporting students to persevere through primary source documents

Teacher Leaders

Holly Coombs

Tony Rodgers

Malcom Waugh

Tauheedah Wren