Berkeley Unified Music Department (’15-’16)


Nancy Boyles, Roland Brown, Sarah Cline, Candice Crismond, Patrick Dandrea, Jan Davis, Mary Dougherty, Judy Fendell, Peter Gidlund, Michael Hammond, Paul Hanna, Carlotta Jacobs, Merlyn Katechis, Aimee Lubalin, Lenny San Jose, Alison Sawyer, Steffanie Schaeffer, Henry Viets, Karen Wells

School Focus

Berkeley Unified School District’s Music Teacher Scholars are focusing their inquiry work this year on practices that will support equity in teaching and learning music. Over the past two years, through analyzing classroom-based data, teachers in the group have identified a number of practices that support equity, including strategies for taking an asset-based approach to individual students, and formative assessments that allow students to identify their own goals for learning to play instruments. Teachers are testing out these strategies and working to implement department-wide practices.

Teacher Leaders

Karen Wells

Mary Doughtery

Steffanie Schaeffer