Anna Yates Elementary School

Anna Yates Elementary Teacher Scholars Group

Anna Yates Elementary School

Teacher Scholars

Rosie Audette, Pierre Clark, Cameron Clarke, Emma DeGuzman, Leslie Epstein, Christa Fox, Chane Gilbert, Rhonda James, Tiffany Johnson, Emily Kloetzly, Sheilvina Knight, Mary MacGruder, Katy McCaffrey, Audrey Miles, Kimberley Miller, Tracy Peoples, Evan Pippen, Camille Pires, Balijit Plaha, Laura Prowell,  Leonardo Reynosa, Illona Rhodes, Cameron Rowe, Sukhinder Saini, Ashante Smith, Stephen Sugay, Leslie Thornley, Andrew Ting, Anna Tom, Dawn Turner, Malcom Waugh, Cynthia Wong, Bethany Woods,  Tauheedah Wren, Corinne Yeager


Samantha Carter, Eddie Scruggs Smith

Teacher Leaders

Chane Gilbert, Anna Tom, Malcom Waugh

School Focus

Anna Yates Elementary School is a TK-8 school in their third year of partnership with MTS in building a school-wide community of teacher learning through teacher-led collaborative inquiry. Teachers are focusing on academic discussion and differentiation in their inquiry work. Cohesion and relevance with respect to the various collaborative initiatives at Anna Yates (instructional rounds, grade level collaboration, and the collaborative inquiry) is a school-wide focus.