Berkeley Music Department

Berkeley Music Teacher Scholars Group

Berkeley Unified Music Department (2020-21)

Teacher Scholars

Nancy Boyles, Roland Brown, Moises Chavez, Candice Crismond, Jan Davis, Mary Dougherty, Olesia Gordynsky, Michael Hammond, Paul Hanna, Shannon Houston, Carlotta Jacobs, Merlyn Katechis, Aimee Lubalin, Georgia Martin, Alison Sawyer, Henry Viets, Karen Wells


Peter Gidlund

Teacher Leaders

Mary Dougherty, Aimee Lubalin, Karen Wells

School Focus

Berkeley Music Department is in their fourth year of using inquiry to investigate how all students, particularly students of color, can feel engaged and successful in learning to play an instrument. They are exploring how to support a higher percentage of students of color in pursuing musical education beyond the elementary years.