The Mills College Children’s School (’16-’17)


Nikki Baumgart, Jenny Bond, Debbie Brown, Nanu Clark, Gyasi Coles, Betsy Hedges, Rebecca Keller, Anne Malamud, Seferina Rivera, Jenine Schmidt, Jane Simon, Sara Sutherland, Cierra Townsend, Carey Truitt

School Focus

The Mills College Children’s School has long engaged in inquiry to improve teaching and learning. This year they have partnered with Mills Teacher Scholars to bring more structure to their collaborative inquiry work. They are investigating how teachers can become positive co-facilitators of children’s identity development. As a laboratory school, they are also exploring ways to model an inquiry stance for student teachers.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting student-teachers in collaborating with their teams through flexible decision-making
  • Using journaling and curriculum projects to support student-teachers in allowing non-Western theories of child development to inform their teaching philosophy and practice
  • Using experiences with nature to support students’ confidence and risk-taking in literacy
  • Supporting students in approaching math challenges with a range of tools and a positive disposition

Teacher Leaders

Jenny Bond

Nanu Clark