San Lorenzo Unified K-12 Group (’16-’17)


Amy Burke, Barbara Cebrian-Paskell, Rebecca Coleman, Tom Gilbert, Elyse Harlo, Raychel Israel, Samantha Johnson, Shosha Kellman, Nicole Kelly, Erin Kurtz, Yolanda Minor, Molly Moyer, Dale Phillips, Linda Preminger, Flower Sawyer Brown, Judy Smith, Melinda Stahr, Carrie Steinecke, Kimi Sugioka, Mark Vega, Andy Waranoff

Group Focus

San Lorenzo Unified’s Teacher Scholars is a cross-district group in its first year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars. The group brings together teachers from grades TK-12, who are exploring how teacher-led collaborative inquiry can improve outcomes for their students as well as build collaborative connections between sites.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting students to express science learning in academic writing
  • How to help students push each other’s thinking and understanding during group tasks
  • Exploring how math games can support students in mastering addition and subtraction facts

Teacher Leaders

Becca Coleman