Lorenzo Manor Teacher Scholars

Lorenzo Manor Elementary School (’16’-’17)


Lori Campbell, Carmen Canchola, Charlotte Davis, Deja Escalera, Rachel Evernden, Melissa Galletti, Jamie Gallo, Jennie Gasmin, Sue Granzella, Cindy Huber, Stepahnie Jay, Lydia Kosmos, Monita Ma, Fleurdeliz McJilton, Justin McJilton, Laura Melvin, Toni Mitchell, Courtney Morales, Janet Morrison, Molly Murphy, Cyndi Liang, Jaclyn Silver Fisher, Phoebe Smith, Gloria Stevens, Ashley Thomsak, Libby Tipping, Linda Tunner, Jen Vecchitto, Tammy Williams, Joyce Yonemoto

 School Focus

Lorenzo Manor Elementary, in its first year of inquiry, is focusing on establishing a safe space for teachers to be vulnerable in exploring their questions about teaching and learning. Teachers are also striving to understand what data can look like and how to best use data to inform instruction.t.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Fostering students’ confidence as readers through building early independent reading strategies
  • Deepening students’ number sense through Math Talks
  • Using drawing as a retelling tool to support English-Learners’ comprehension of read-alouds
  • Supporting students to take risks and learn from mistakes during problem-solving in math journals

Teacher Leaders

Jaclyn Fisher

Jennie Gasmin

Ashley Thomsak