Social Emotional Learning Teacher Scholars (’16-’17)


Sally Barry, Stephanie Bean, Brittany Beard, Celia Bermeo, Tajma Beverly, Amy Burns, Nancy Carl, Nicholas Easter, Elizabeth Esposito, Jennifer Everhart, John Farrar, Catherine Fletcher, Honora Gilmore-Hogan, Melissa Gonzalez, Brooke Guiney, Courteny Gurmora, Sterling He, Ruanna Owens, Heather Porter, Deidre Robinson, Lydia Ropp, Jaymie Sacramento, Meghan Shaughnessy, Julia Smit, Donna Solanga, Sally Stosich, Malia Tayabas, Susannah Young

Group Focus

Oakland Unified’s Social Emotional Learning Teacher Scholars are in their third year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars and are continuing to investigate the intersection between academic learning and Social and Emotional Learning. Through their inquiry work, these K-12 teachers leaders from eight Oakland schools are developing their capacity and confidence to support both student and teacher learning at their sites.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting students to accurately self-assess their own writing
  • Building students’ understanding of character through pair conversation
  • Fostering students’ independence during literacy centers

Teacher Leaders

Jaymie Sacramento