Oakland Technical High School’s 9th-Grade Team (’16-’17)


Glen Augustine, Patrick Bender, Portia Carryer, Rho Chazin Seidelmen, Dane Chobanian, Matt Colley, Rick Frey, Jeremy Grossman, Kevin Ji, Kevin Jordan, Johanna Langill, Randy Li, Emmanuel Onyeador, Martel Price, Nick Rey, Brenda Rivera, Joe Senn, Amy Talley-Klotz, Seth Zimmerman

School Focus

Oakland Technical High School’s 9th-grade team is in its first year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars, using teacher-led collaborative inquiry in a cross-disciplinary group to promote learning across and within departments. Their focus is on improving teaching and learning for English Language Learners (ELLs) as well as African American students, foster youth, and redesignated ELLs.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Developing low-stakes historical analysis writing to increase students’ ability to think critically about historical context
  • Providing supports for students to equitably access and participate in academic discussions about texts
  • Using Exeter Math weekly homework assignments to build advocacy and problem-solving skills
  • Focusing on several strategies, such as parent check-ins, future plans conversations, and positive reinforcement to address academic engagement of African American and Latino boys

Teacher Leaders

Brenda Rivera

Seth Zimmerman