Computer Science Teacher Scholars (’16-’17)


Tyrae Bell, Sam Berg, Flint Christensen, William Juang, Alefiyah Lokhandwala, Derrick McMillen, Claire Shorall, Sonia Spindt, Amy Talley, Floresa Vaughn, Jessica Wan, Steve Wright

Group Focus

Oakland Unified’s Computer Science Teacher Scholars is a cross-district group of teachers in their first year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars. In partnership with, Oakland Unified is planning to bring computer science to every school in the district by 2017-18. Through teacher-led collaborative inquiry, these computer science teachers are investigating how to effectively implement new curricula while they build collegial connections that go beyond their individual schools.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting students in technical writing that uses appropriate specificity and robust vocabulary
  • Supporting students in productively struggling through problem-solving tasks with persistence, risk-taking, and collaboration
  • Supporting students in using academic language to respond to writing prompts and to participate in class discussion

Teacher Leaders

Claire Shorall

Sam Berg