Mt. Eden High School (’16-’17)


Mark Ali, Lynn Allan, Chris Brown, Steven Chand, Matt Denton, Heather Eastwood, Donna Edwards-White, Elizabeth Finlayson, Travlyn Langendorff, Susan Maloney, Betty Mark, Aakansha Nandini, Cathy Perkins, Tracy Phillips , Randy Seifert, Leah Talbott, Jessica Thomas, Stephanie Vierra

School Focus

Mt. Eden High School’s inquiry group is a cross-disciplinary community of high school teachers with a common focus on deeply understanding the learning of their English Language Learners (ELLs). Using a focal student model, each teacher is gathering data and working in cross-disciplinary groups to collaboratively analyze their ELLs’ engagement with the instruction.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Increasing depth of thought through the use of questioning in peer writing conferences
  • Supporting students to recognize and verbalize patterns in science as a way of strengthening predictions and other aspects of scientific thinking
  • Focusing on the development of mathematical language as a way to support mathematical thinking

Teacher Leaders

Chris Brown

Leah Talbott

Heather Eastwood

Elizabeth Finlayson