Rosa Parks Elementary School (’16-’17)


Diana Almanza, Shannon Amaral, Caren A. Barnes, Kimberly Beeson, Gretchen Biehl, Lisa Billings, Michelle Contreras, Ana Delgado, Tracey Iglehart, Alison Kelly, Becky Lum, Matilde Merello, Brook Pessin-Whedbee, Julie Rich, Shannon Riehle

School Focus

Rosa Parks Elementary, in its sixth year of on-site inquiry, is fully led by teacher leaders Michelle Contreras and Matilde Merello. Last year, through analyzing video data focused on academic discussion, the Rosa Parks Scholars found that quality of relationships in the students’ partnerships had a tremendous impact on learning opportunities for students. This year the 18 teacher scholars are building on these understandings with a focus on relationship and learning, particularly around strategic partnering and enacting the principles of the district’s equity agenda.

 Teacher Leaders

Matilde Morello

Michelle Contreras