Anna Yates Elementary School (’16-’17)


Hulan Barnett, Emily Brunick, Cameron Clarke, Holly Coombs, Rimy Dhillon, Sadie Egan Guthrie, Ingrid Eliasson, Leslie Epstein, Christa Fox, Chane Gilbert, Terry James, Tiffany Johnson, Anjali Kamat, Mariena Kuoch, Barry LaBass, Jennifer Mair, Megan McLaughlin, Kim Miller, Audrey Miles, Tracy Peoples, Evan Pippen, Camille Pires, Leonardo Reynoso, Illona Rhodes, Anthony Rodgers, Cameron Rowe, Sukhinder Saini, Ashante Smith, Leslie Thornely, Andrew Ting, Anna Tom, Corrinne Treadaway, Dawn Turner, Malcom Waugh, Tauheedah Wren

School Focus

Anna Yates is a K-8 school in their second year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars in building a school-wide teacher inquiry community. This year Anna Yates teachers are using teacher-led collaborative inquiry to inform their implementation of  new curricula and school-wide programs including Eureka Math, Reader’s Roar, Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop, and Equity/PBIS/Second Step. Each teacher selected a program or curriculum and, within that, a high-leverage instructional strategy for the focal point of their year-long inquiry.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Increasing student collaboration and self-management through Math Circles
  • Supporting developing writers to express themselves through writing, using Lucy Calkins curriculum and an in-class Writing Center
  • Expanding students’ math knowledge and test-taking skills by incorporating computer-based assessments
  • Revamping Eureka Math curriculum to make math accessible and engaging in small group settings

Teacher Leaders

Tony Rodgers

Malcom Waugh

Holly Coombs