Albany High School (’16-’17)


Becca Burns, Aliza Cohen, Meghann Curry, Mike Davis, Kate Fahrner, Diane Francis, Evan Green, Rachel Hubbard, Mariflo Hudson, Chris Knight, Amy Kosorek, Sara Oremland, Juliet Radford, Valerie Risk, Virginia Tremblay, Rosianna Valadez-Soto, Ryan Viernes, Evelyne Westerman

School Focus

Albany High School is in its third year of partnership with Mills Teacher Scholars. Their 18 teacher scholars are focusing on supporting their students in experiencing continuity across disciplines so they are able to flexibly apply their knowledge.

Sample Inquiry Topics

  • Supporting students to understand and explain their own political ideology including the sources and implications of their own political beliefs
  • Building students’ lab investigation skills, including asking questions that reflect their own curiosity
  • Helping students to become more dynamic and engaging presenters who focus on content knowledge rather than on presentation skills

Teacher Leaders

Sara Oremland

Ginny Tremblay

Juliet Radford