Program Highlights

Highlights from our Teacher Inquiry in Action Forum

Program Highlights

Over 200 teachers, school leaders, university faculty, and other supporters joined us on March 23rd for our Teacher Inquiry in Action Forum. Thank you to all who participated in this remarkable event! Below are highlights from this celebration of teacher professional learning.


The evening began with dinner and an interactive opening session. Through posters, videos, and conversations with Teacher Scholar Leaders, attendees learned how Mills Teacher Scholars’ core values are enacted in the work at our partner sites.


We raised a glass to teachers!


Breakout session panels gave Teacher Scholar Leaders the opportunity to share their learning process. Here, teacher scholars from the Oakland Teachers of Computer Science group present their work.

Fishbowl-style discussions highlighted the Thinking Space protocol that Mills Teacher Scholars uses to support teacher learning. In this photo, Jenny Bond and her colleagues discuss her video data about her Kindergarteners’ identities as empowered peaceful changemakers.


In the Flash Presentations, Teacher Scholar Leaders discussed their inquiries with small groups of listeners who rotated every ten minutes. Above, Nancy Carl describes her inquiry into her 8th-graders’ self-assessments in writing.


Listeners at the Flash Presentations shared that they appreciated the opportunity to hear multiple inquiry stories in an upbeat, energizing format.


At all sessions, audience members enjoyed the chance to discuss their thoughts and questions about the content and process of teacher learning.


As at every Mills Teacher Scholars event, our partner teachers and their supporters enjoyed the chance to connect over good food and drink!