Program Highlights

Exploring Teacher Leadership

Program Highlights

Mills Teacher Scholars had the privilege of spending Valentine’s Day with the more than eighty teacher leaders who turned out for the Exploring Teacher Leadership conference at Stanford on Saturday, February 14th. Sponsored by the National Board Resource Center and CTA, Executive Director, Carrie Wilson, and Associate Director, Daniela Mantilla participated in the event, which marked the roll out of the Teacher Leadership Competencies that National Education Association, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and the Center for Teaching Quality created.

Mills Teacher Scholars was identified by the partners in the Teacher Leadership Initiative as an organization that builds and leverages teacher leader competencies to support instructional leadership and as an organization that supports schools to build and leverage the skills that National Board Certified Teachers develop through the rigorous certification process.darlinghammond

Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford professor and Faculty Director of the Stanford Center for Opportunity and Policy in Education, delivered the keynote and the National Board certified teachers and teacher leader participants spent the day rotating through rooms that focused on the three teacher leadership pathways: Instructional Leadership, Policy Leadership, and Association Leadership. The Teacher Leadership Competencies go beyond the current teacher leader standards.

Other organizations supporting instructional leadership included Math for America, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and instructional coaches from several districts. MTS was proud to highlight the work of our own teacher network and connect with colleagues from across the Bay Area.