Program Highlights

10 Things to Know About Mills Teacher Scholars

Program Highlights
  1. 110 teacher scholars in East Bay public schools are investigating their students’ learning with Mills Teacher Scholars and changing their teaching as they discover how their students learn.
  2. Over 50% of our 110 teacher scholars are working in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).
  3. Supporting teachers to look at classroom data for evidence of student thinking and understanding is at the heart of Mills Teacher Scholars work.
  4. We have a new team member, Laura Alvarez, OUSD teacher and language acquisition specialist. Laura presented at our October Saturday workshop on developing a lens to look at data that reflects the language goals of the Common Core. Laura teaches at Melrose Leadership Academy.
  5. Mills Teacher Scholars Faculty Director, Anna Richert, had her book, What Should I Do? Confronting Moral Dilemmas of Teaching in Urban Schools, reviewed in Teachers College Record.
  6. In our 2011-2012 evaluation conducted by WestEd, 75% of our teacher scholars reported that their Mills Teacher Scholars work led them to “gain new understandings about why students are not successful and use that understanding to create a plan to support their learning.”
  7. 95% of the teachers who have participated in Mills Teacher Scholars over the past five years are still  teaching today.
  8. You can watch a video of Aija Simmons sharing her Mills Teacher Scholars inquiry work at the Alameda County Office of Education Integrated Summer Institute.
  9. Mills Teacher Scholars has 13 school partners for 2012-2013.
  10. The Mills Teacher Scholar Leaders Network, led by Aija Simmons, convened in September. This network is supporting teacher scholar leaders to facilitate teacher-led inquiry at their school sites.